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M.B.A. in Strategy will equip graduates with the required skills to prosper in a career in business management. Key lessons would include: industry and environmental analysis, internal analysis and competitive advantage, organisational structure, design and alignment, market evolution and dynamics; in addition to many specialised topics for specific industries, world regions or stages of market development. Strategy draws upon all of the business and market fundamentals, so it is important that a specialised strategy curriculum also includes a solid grounding in topics such as economics, accounting, finance, marketing, organisations, and operations. In today’s competitive marketplace, strategy is a critical management resource. A strategy specialisation trains students to see the enterprise as a whole, and to understand how and why a manager can make a difference to the performance of the entire firm. Strategy helps to align the company’s activities to ensure long-term success. It also takes a holistic view of the organisation and its industry in making decisions. M.B.A. with a solid grounding in strategy will be valued for their ability to drive the business forward and to take the firm into new directions.

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