Brain Based Teaching Methods

Innovation in technology and a shift in the skills and abilities now required for the technological age have greatly impacted on traditional teaching models and methods in education and training. As globalization continues, those entering the work-force now require a far more diverse range of attributes and behaviours than ever before. This major shift has resulted in a new approach to learning that is fundamentally different to regular class-room activities and curriculum.

Brain based learning has its roots in neuroscience and focuses on what is referred to as metacognition, an awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes ¬†Every human brain is different and therefore a standardized approach to learning will always fail a percentage of learners and may well not stimulate top performers to achieve their best. The approach offers an environment based learning process that utilizes emotional, factual and skill knowledge to connect and excite the desire to learn. This results in developmental learning that engages the entire human physiology and utilizes both conscious and unconscious brain processes. It is acknowledged that our emotional states can facilitate or impede learning and this forms an underlying principle of the technique. Other components of brain based learning focus on the ability to encode memories in a way that enables effortless retrieval and a focus on neuroplasticity, the ability to remap and change neural connections in the brain.

The benefits of brain based learning are becoming more apparent and greater focus is now being placed upon this approach in education, training and development. The results are so far impressive and it is clear that future learners will engage in this style of learning and development.

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December 4, 2019

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