Building High Performing Teams

Building high performing teams at work can often be challenging and difficult. Those tasked with transforming a group of people into a highly efficient and productive team face numerous hurdles along the way. Diversity in the workplace, employee turnover and constantly shifting targets and objectives present Leaders with a complex and demanding puzzle when it comes to building high performance teams within the organization. However, there are several approaches and techniques that help equip those who undertake this critical function in the business.

Initially the organisation must be able to attract talents and retain them through an effective talent management programme. Next, creating and implementing precisely understood practices and procedures is a fundamental component of effective team building followed by a clear decision making process understood by all. Keeping the team membership as stable as possible encourages learning and development as it takes time to formulate a productive team. A clear monitoring and review system will assist in retrospective analysis of performance and will help to identify any weaknesses to be corrected. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, highly productive teams must be rewarded for their efforts. Building high performance teams takes time, energy, strong communication and commitment by all involved, but when the pieces of the puzzle are correctly assembled, the results speak for themselves.

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December 4, 2019

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