Communicating with Clarity and Impact

The ability to communicate effectively with both clarity and impact is one of the most powerful skills required for individual career development and success in the business world. The capacity to transmit clear and succinct messages that are easily decoded and understood is a highly desirable quality that can enable people to achieve their goals and objectives efficiently. With the right approach to communication we can save time, costs, achieve more and increase our value within the organisation.

The art of communication is therefore arguably one of the most valuable skills that can be mastered. Through techniques such as ‘parallel processing’ it is possible to balance the perspective of communication with the presence of the audience, which enables communicators to guide conversations towards desired outcomes by employing concepts such as ‘echoing’ and ‘emotional listening’. Further principles of communication can be utilized to develop rapport and learn how to combine tone and body language to engage listeners and ensure communication is confident and assertive at all times.

Ultimately, individuals who are capable of excellent communication, whether it be written, spoken or visual, can expect faster career advancement, greater respect from colleagues and a higher level of self-esteem and value. Taking time to expand the fundamental skills of communication can make us more successful as individuals and more effective as teams.

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December 4, 2019

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