Conflict Resolution

Workplace conflicts are unfortunately becoming a more common occurrence and quite often are an unavoidable aspect of our business lives. As organizations become more diverse, the arena for such conflict has grown and hence the need for organizations to review and implement effective resolution practices and procedures. Leaving conflicts unresolved in the office can be detrimental to the business and can impact heavily on productivity and profitability. Furthermore, conflicts can seriously damage the ability of teams to operate harmoniously, can create stress amongst our workers and can lead to long-term issues that may become almost impossible to remediate.

Managing conflict therefore requires a specific leadership skillset in order to navigate the complex issues that drive conflict. Those responsible for resolution must possess strong decision making and problem solving skills combined with an overriding sense of fairness and the ability to not let emotions cloud their judgments. In addition to these skills and qualities, successful resolution also requires leaders to fully understand the principles and theories of conflict resolution and to be able to implement them in an effective way. A robust approach that builds on strategies that focus on understanding individual aggression will greatly assist leaders in restoring balance to the office. Without these important qualities and the knowledge of how best to administer resolution, conflicts may well remain unresolved and the negative effects they create will continue to plague the office.

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December 4, 2019

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