M.B.A. in International Business

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M.B.A. in International Business focuses on management fundamentals, international management tactics and global economics. M.B.A. in International Business degrees are in demand due to increasing globalisation and the growing number of businesses currently competing on the international stage. In addition to working within global companies that compete on international markets, graduates of international business programmes can also find careers in management, finance, and in consulting. Graduates may also seek work in the travel and hospitality industry, which continually deals with both businesses and consumers from around the world. They may be responsible for overseeing the finances, marketing, project development, and more for these international businesses. The M.B.A. in International Business offers candidates the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the international business field. The programme provides students the opportunity to analyse foreign markets, including cultural, geographic and socioeconomic differences, and to prepare to handle managerial tasks.

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