Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

All employees, regardless of their position or standing within the organisation, face work-related problems on a daily basis and almost every job nowadays involves some level of individual problem solving and decision making. All too often the tendency is to pass these issues up to supervisory or managerial level rather than take individual ownership and control of the problem at hand.

This approach does little to empower our employees, often wastes managers time and can affect the productivity of teams and departments. Therefore, the ability to identify current and potential future problems and then craft an effective solution is a key skill that all employees should possess. In addition, supervisors appreciate employees that are able to demonstrate the ability to make individual decisions and implement them and they recognize the benefits this brings to the business.

Employees may be reluctant to be assertive in their roles and they may feel that they lack the skills and confidence needed to make difficult decisions. However, by training our employees effectively and encouraging them to take control of situations, they can learn how to analyze different solutions to an issue and then make and implement the best decision. By utilizing a range of skills and techniques, all employees can engage in creative problem solving and make sound business decisions that will increase the value and confidence of the employee whilst ensuring the success of the organization.

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December 4, 2019

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