Measurement & Evaluation in Education

The 21st century has seen a dramatic shift in the way education and training are delivered globally. Advances in technology have changed the face of the classroom and a more vocational approach to gaining skills and knowledge is emerging quickly. Subjects are becoming more specialized and teachers are adopting a more experimental approach to their practice by integrating technology into their daily activities and delivering more student–centered learning. As a result, these changes have created a far greater need for effective measurement and evaluation systems as the traditional approaches to education are replaced by more modern ones.

Quality education should focus on the development of the student over time as new knowledge, skills and techniques are learnt and mastered. Without an effective measurement system in place, it is impossible to know how students are progressing and at what rate. An accurate evaluation system enables the identification of specific student needs and should ensure any learning and developmental issues are recognized and addressed early on. Likewise, high performing and talented students may also be identified through this system and appropriate action taken to ensure their maximum potential is achieved.

These two processes are closely entwined and both must function efficiently if the quality of our education and the ability of the learner are to be accurately measured and evaluated. New approaches are emerging that are replacing the old methods and the results are impressive. These new concepts and techniques greatly benefit both teachers and learners and are clearly the future for our educational establishments and services.

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December 4, 2019

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