Anger Management in the Workplace

Most of us have experienced those moments at work. Your supervisor reprimands you over something way beyond your control. A difficult customer demands the impossible. Or the project you’ve spent so much time on creating stalls and fails. You feel your heart rate increasing and your blood pressure rising and before you know it, you’ve seen red, punched your computer monitor and thrown your keyboard out the window.

Of course you know such violence towards office equipment isn’t the answer and it’s unwise to display such emotions in the work place. But just how do you get through those infuriating and difficult moments? Anger is a normal and healthy emotion, however, when it continually flares up or spirals out of control, it may have serious consequences on our work and our relationships. Ultimately, it may well get in the way of promotion and success. Therefore, effective anger management is crucial in today’s high pressure working environments. Learning to understand, control and harness the power of this emotion is important for managers and leaders looking to reduce confrontation, increase organizational performance and further their careers.

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December 4, 2019

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