Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

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Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)  prepares future educators to enter the classroom ready to create a community of high achievement for all students. With a passionate commitment to equity and social justice, B.Ed. candidates become content experts who create innovative and rigorous learning experiences for learners.

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) focuses primarily on the advancement of your teaching career. This is the degree most often pursued by people who want hands-on teaching experience and are seeking to work directly with students. The B.Ed. programme focuses heavily on advanced coursework in a specific subject to hone your expertise. Coursework for the B.Ed. also focuses on pedagogical theory and implementation. Essentially, the B.Ed. will teach you how to be a teacher: methodology, stylistic approach, etc. Oftentimes, the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) consists of hands-on experience that places you in a classroom as a student teacher to practice what you are learning. The innovative curriculum is designed to help students think critically, solve problems creatively and communicate effectively — exactly the kind of skills that employers and graduate schools want most.

  1. For each course, visit the accompanying open source link provided.
  2. Sign up for the course.
  3. Complete the course.
  4. Obtain the FREE Statement of Participation on completion of each course.
  5. Complete a Reflection Paper for each course, answering the following questions in no less than 1,500 words:
    a) Describe Important Concepts Learned from Assigned Reading
    Explain and Elaborate on the Utilization of Key Concepts Learned, at and within Workplace Contexts
    Predict and/or Enumerate Potential  Challenges Faced in Implementing these Concepts at Workplace
  6. Upload both the Statement of Participation + the Reflection Paper for each course to the submissions page.
  7. Do the same for all modules required for the successful completion of the Bachelor of  Education programme.
  8. Complete a 3,000-word capstone project paper.

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  1. Love this course


    A great course that makes you aware that is not only about what you teach. It is also about looking at the environment you teach in. Its not enough to be able to deliver a well planned lesson, it is about relating that lesson to all the other outside influences. A very thought provoking and interesting course.The format and the content made me come back to it every week and I participated in the assignments with greater interest. I really loved this course.

  2. Bachelor of Education


    This course is insightful and totally beneficial to advancing one’s career as a teacher. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is planning on becoming a teacher.

  3. 3

    I learned a lot, I like the fact that I was able to do things at my own pace and that the lecturers were so quick to give feedback on my performance. Things were made simple and easy to understand and put into practice.

    I think that the materials should be checked and replaced or corrected, as there were grammar and spelling errors. Secondly, the status “course under evaluation” takes too long, at least one month of evaluation is fair. Lastly, I suggest that there should be an icon where the certificate and the transcript can be downloaded, especially if a student confirms that they will not be going to graduate.

    The copy given is poor and it is not fair to still have to pay $50 for mailing.


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