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The broad aim of the Master of Science in Innovative Education & Teaching is to prepare a more able, efficient, internationally oriented, skilled teaching force. The programme’s aim at equipping teachers with necessary knowledge and skills, as well as inculcate continuing education mindset to enable them to a) engage in best practices to maximise learning outcomes, b) employ sound educational theories and principles in day-to-day teaching and related tasks, c) provide creative and flexible opportunity to teachers who are busy, but nevertheless wish to gain an internationally recognised teaching credential to further boost their professional careers in education, d) contribute to the overall quality of education by becoming professionally attuned to wide range of effective educational practices, by identifying and discarding those that are not effective, and e) be part of a bigger group of professional teacher network that make up a constructive community of learners aimed at advancing the cause of good education for all, locally and internationally.

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  1. So much to learn is so little time


    I really learnt a lot from this course and will definitely imply most of the stuff in my teaching learning process. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

  2. informative and innovative


    this is a very good course if you pursue the career as a teacher. All the modules are very well explained and require a lot of research, but with the help of your mentor, there is no way someone could fail this course. I enjoyed all of it and with the knowledge gathered throughout the course I know that it will be of good use in my classroom.

  3. Highly recommended


    This course fosters the motivation for exploring about the learning and teaching process. During the researchs for each module’s assignments I could learn about many educational topic I can use now in my teaching daily routine. I highly recommend this course.

  4. 5

    MSIET is a pathbreaking course, insightful, innovative and extremely contemporary. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning this course and highly recommend it to fellow educators. Thank you, EIU, for the opportunity.

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