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European International University (EIU) Adapts the Blockchain Technology In Transforming the Future of Learning

The rise of modern technology provides tools in improving the future of learning. Virtual Reality and Machine learning as a teaching aid gives emphasis for experiential learning. Edutech market is now easier to access through the Global Decentralized Digital Learning Platform of LOL.

France, Paris – April 10, 2019 —

Technology is being developed and improved at an exponential speed, and the rise of blockchain technology is a perfect example of its rapid progress. Alongside its growth are industries learning to keep up with the modern society’s pace, which includes institutions of higher education.

Educators found a better way to provide highly specialized, competency-based learning. It is by offering courses through a Digital Marketplace platform. With just a click of your mouse, you can experience the ease of enrolling your preferred course online or advance your skill with the help of expert instructors and trainers from around the world. There is no restriction in, time or money and it can be accessed to your desktop, mobile & tablet.

Education seeks to develop individuals in a holistic and integrated way. The purpose of decentralized LOL (Learn Online) ecosystem facilitated by European International University transforms the future of the educational program with its content-centric blockchain projects. This includes covering the needs of services in a self-paced style of learning that can be provided to academic institutions, e-learning platforms, independent education advisors, corporate learning and those who are prepared for more advancement of learning.

A number of innovative applications can be provided by the Blockchain system in Online Education. The blockchain is known to facilitate a secure online transaction and it would be a great help when it comes to Record Keeping. EIU.AC’s LOL system boasts of a platform that uses blockchain to secure and share student records. If certificates and qualifications are stored and issued on a blockchain they would be verified, tamper-proof, publicly available and easily shareable with employers, schools and institutions. Institutions no longer need to spend a vast amount of money to confirm the validity of certificates.

Potential employers can easily find and hire qualified candidates for the job role through the online profile that reflects your skills and can easily be shared to the prospective employer which makes the recruitment process easier. This would result in more people to be open in taking online courses because aside from its advanced way of learning, it also means that you’ll never lose a certificate, transcript or graduation certificate.

In addition, students are offered incentives to encourage optimum behavior and performance in their studies. Other than grades, LOL coins can be rewarded to outstanding students and professors as part of the digital fruits of their labor.

The EIU.AC’s LOL ecosystem can provide the career advancement and self-improvement of individuals who are willing to take part in shaping the future of education.

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December 4, 2019

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